Our Approach To Digital Consultancy

At ACDC we’re not the average digital consultants. We work with a modular approach, which means that we attribute fixed costs to the different phases of any project. We see anyone we work with as a partner, which means we determine the phases as well as their custom content together. Our knowledge lies in the eCommerce business, from strategic decision making and geographical expansion to marketing activities, creating comprehensive funnels and improving conversion. Together we can determine which pain-points you’d like to address and how each module will be filled. We have a few examples of our digital consultancy modules for you below; so you can get an idea of what we could do together.

Exploration: 2 strategic sessions

  • Analyze your current situation
  • Determine long term goals (x sales, geographical expansion, etc…)
  • Determine short term goals (UI/UX improvements, improved conversion, etc…)
  • Map out short and long term goals as well as core values etc. on strategic canvas

 Foundations: fundamentals

  • Pricing strategy
  • Competitor analysis
  • Market research: focus on persona’s, customer journey, touchpoints etc.
  • Analyze branding and determine or align voice, message and personality

Foundations: building on up

  • Communication strategy: earned and owned media, content strategy
  • PR strategy
  • In-depth UI/UX analysis
  • Marketing automation

 Expansion : (online) marketing

  • Search engine marketing strategy
  • Marketing automation
  • E-mail & Affiliate marketing
  • Paid offline marketing

Benchmarking & Scaling:

  • Data driven analysis
  • Benchmarking against industry competitors
  • Benchmarking against ecommerce best practices
  • Identify new strategic opportunities & devise a clear plan to scale your business

Our Deliverables

We’re a typical Dutch company, with strong roots in Rotterdam. This means we work hard and what we deliver is always clear and concrete, so you can implement it straight away. We always set up our digital consultancy plan together with you, and we’ll amend it along the way if necessary, together.

We will help you gain a sense of direction and deliver clear guidelines to help you leverage our knowledge over time. We’re into the business of creating actual solutions to the challenges you’re facing, solution which will help you get on track here and now. Our aim is to empower your team so they can continue what we’ve started together. When we leave your team will have the skills and tools they need in order to grow your business.

We will give you as much help as you want and need. No sneaky hours, just the modular approach.

A selection of our partners:

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