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The digital goods market is persisting in its upward trend and presents us as well as our consumers with great opportunities. According to PWC’s annual Global entertainment and media outlook forecast, the digital goods market for North America alone will be over $80 billion in size in 2015. Globally, digital goods will be a $100 billion market by 2015.

Digital goods such as prepaid top ups, music, eBooks, games and streaming video services like Netflix are all content items that can be bought and used on smartphones, tablets as well as  desktop computers. ACDC delivers a full service solution for consumers interested in purchasing digital goods.

18.5 million

Active Steam users in January 2018

40 million

Songs on Spotify in 2017

1 billion

Hours of Netflix watched each week

Consumers expect digital products to be available online via all channels, telecom companies and content providers. Not only should products be available for purchase in stores, but they must also be available online on smartphones and tablets.

World population - 7.6 billion
Internet users - 4 billion


Selling digital goods is a challenging business. It’s not easy to get access to an interesting portfolio; distribution is mostly restricted and margins are often low.

Fraud protection is also a major challenge. Digital content is susceptible to fraud due to indirect online payment options; that’s why state-of-the-art fraud detection and 100% payment guarantee are paramount aspects in online sales. Other imperative features are consumer interfaces, customer support and additional features such as business intelligence.

ACDC commits to delivering an integral and safe solution.

  • Fraud management

    Dealing with fraud remains a challenge within the digital goods industry. Offering digital products (gift cards/airtime/etc) means that we need to remain vigilant in order to minimize the risk of fraud, while maximizing our conversion ratios.

  • Portfolio

    Digital content availability can be an issue even though there is a wide variety of products such as airtime, gift cards, music and data passes.

  • Local payment methods

    Selling your content worldwide means having access to the most popular local payment methods. A combination of local & international payment methods is often required. Making sure your payment methods are in sync at all times is crucial.

  • Customer support

    Selling digital content often means that your company should be ready to take on customer support in multiple countries and languages. Consumers expect to be helped immediately via e-mail, telephone and through the FAQ’s on your website.

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